Dream The Answer Paperback Journal

Dream The Answer Paperback Journal

Dreams allow us to see the coming attractions of our lives!

By taking the time to write down your dreams, you are signalling to your subconscious mind to give you more guidance. Know that you are the best interpreter of your dreams.

As you record your dreams and interpretations into your Dream The Answer Journal, insights will be revealed. Many “ah ha” moments can happen when you take the time to write things down.

Ideas for using this journal:

  • Pose a question to yourself, allow a daydream to arrive and then record it
  • Write down your goals and any thoughts / intuitions around that
  • Gather together your stickers and washi tapes and decorate as you go
  • A dream diary – write down your dreams and then your interpretation
  • Use some Stick-On Index Tab Dividers for each section you create.

Available in hardcover also. See photos below.

Seann’s Corner
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You are to write a book

You are to write a book

Imagine standing in your kitchen and hearing, “You are to write a book. It is called ‘Dream the Answer’. There was no one in the room with me. The year was 2001. This was clearly a clairaudient experience (inner hearing) and my reaction was one of excitement and surprise. My first thought was  – What a great title!

This is a bunch of stories mixed in with a “How To” for working with your dreams for finding answers.

Since I do bounce around a bit in this little book of mine, I wanted to say a couple of things first that will help you understand the stories a bit better. First off, when I say that my daughter and I ‘did this or that’ and no one else seems to be around, that is because it was just the two of us for 12 years. Except for when we lived with my parents initially until she was eight months old and again with my younger brother for a year or two.

My intention with sharing my stories and what I have learned is to pass this on for others to learn from. It is also a diary of sorts for my children to read and understand their mother better. (I hope) I have learned from so many people and my favourite books are memoirs, biographies and autobiographies. I love to learn from other peoples stories so it makes sense to share mine too. Plus as an added bonus, readers can learn to work with their dreams for themselves, just like I did.

Okay, so even though I had intuitive abilities as a child, this only intensified after my grandmother on my father’s side passed away. I did not see that coming. Other people knew about my grandmother’s failing health as I was to find out later. They knew she had heart problems and wouldn’t be with us much longer, unbeknownst to my 12-year-old self. Filled with deep emotion and dealing with the grieving process, I prayed so hard. The prayer was that the remaining three grandparents would not leave this earth without me knowing about it ahead of time. Be careful what you wish for…

Below is the most life changing event I have had yet ~ A GRAND PREMONITION

The most perplexing premonition and memorable event involved dreaming of my maternal grandfather. My dream took place in the beginning of March 1998 and I recognize this now as astral travelling in my dream state. Suddenly, I found myself suspended in space and my grandpa appeared in front of me.

Surprised to see him, I asked him what he was doing. He responded by saying that he had something important to tell me and that I was not to be too sad about it. Grandpa continued by saying, “Before we are born, we choose a time we are to be born and a time we are to die. I was originally going to die at the end of March but now your uncle is coming down to see me and I need to stay alive for him for a couple of days. So now I will die on your cousin’s birthday.” (He was referring to the daughter of the uncle coming to visit)

I awoke from this dream feeling sick to my stomach. I hoped that it had been just a nightmare. It was something I couldn’t keep to myself so I phoned my mother’s oldest brother to tell him as he is a psychic also. He agreed with me that it was probably just a nightmare.

As March drew to an end that year, my uncle announced he was coming to Manitoba soon to see his father. It would be a 10 to 12 hour drive. Immediately I felt anxious as the date he said he was arriving on coincided with my astral travel experience.

Sure enough, my uncle arrived for a visit on April. 8th, 1998. Grandpa had already taken a turn for the worst and could no longer communicate with anyone. He could only move his foot to the Celtic music we played in his nursing home room. I informed my older brother Chad about my dream as he planned to go see grandpa on the 11th. If my dream was true and it sure was shaping up that way, grandpa wouldn’t be in his body on the 11th, only in spirit. Suppose it was my passion about the whole thing that persuaded him and we went together to say goodbye.

At 10:05 pm, two days after my uncle’s arrival, on April. 10th, I whispered to my Grandpa to come and see me in my dreams and that it was okay for him to go. As I kissed him goodbye, he tried to answer me with a muffled sound and nodded his head.  I found out later that he passed away ten minutes after Chad and I left the room.

Looking back on the similarities of what the dreams felt like and what I felt like when I woke up finally led me to knowing how to recognize a premonition. It was after this awakening that I could then understand and teach others what to look for.

If what grandpa said was true of us ‘choosing’ then I take that to mean I chose my parents and siblings as well. Other people have spoken of this. For example: Dr. Wayne Dyer spoke of us choosing our parents before we are born. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Gail Thackray and she said the same thing.

This is my experience and I have to interpret it the best I can. It applies to this situation as I cannot speak for others. It may not explain murders or accidents (unless that is a prior agreement between the two souls). I am of the opinion that people can be accidentally taken out or leave before their time. But again, I really do not know.

Recently, I spoke of this experience – If you knew…what does that mean? 

My Grandpa did come see me in my dreams and this was one thing he told me – Write it down!

In 2005, my dream had me visiting the farm where my maternal grandparents lived. I was standing where my grandfather sat at the table which was in front of the stove. Knowing with all my heart that he was sitting there, I demanded he appear to me so I could see him.

Frustrating feelings erupted inside of me because I knew without a doubt that he was there. I could feel his presence. The more I insisted he appear and he didn’t, the more upset I became and the more he did not make himself observable to me.

Giving up, I turned to leave. It was in that moment of releasing the need to see him, that my grandpa became visible. He looked at me with his usual sparkling eyes and conniving grin. There he was. Finally!!! I was seeing my grandpa again and a sense of relief came over me and at the same time an overriding feeling of joy.

He told me that if I am pushing for something, it does not allow for the energy to flow. If I keep pushing and demanding to see or know something, it creates a blockage. The moment I stepped back after stating what I wanted clearly, then he came to me.

My grandpa continued to advise me to write down what it is I want in my life. This makes it a concise intention to the universe. If I am taking the time to write it down, it is acting like a prayer. As I woke up I could still hear him repeatedly say, “Write it down!”

~ Seann Vinyasa-Billson

eBook available at most retailers:

Dream The Answer:30 Day Challenge 

Paranormal Fiction Writing

Paranormal Fiction Writing

When writing about one of the main characters (Connie Stone) in Bewitched by Atlantis: The Butterfly Mask – an amazing idea flowed in. I had trouble containing my excitement as I wrote about it. Here it is!

Use these divination tools to assist you in planning your novel.

  • Use Oracle, Tarot or regular playing cards to create characters and scenes
  • Create card layouts (an example layout for each card placement – see diagram below)
  • Create character sheets to fill in
  • Shuffle the cards and choose according to your template(s)
  • Write down or record via audio/video what you have discovered
  • Repeat as many times as you like

Note: As you do this, more questions will arise that you will want answers too. For example, I may have chosen a card that shows me that my character has addiction issues. I then want to know the cause of the issue. The next card chosen reveals the core issue as abandonment.



This short-read eBook provides you with the tools to create unique fiction books quickly.

 The Book Game Plan: How to Write Fiction the Paranormal Way

  • Delve into The Psychic Jump Meditation to get immediate guidance. (The transcript is at the back of the book)
  • Set up your writing space by having a ritual to signal that you are ready to write. 
Cast a Spell Over Your Finances

Cast a Spell Over Your Finances

Cast a Spell Over Your Finances

How can you cast a spell on your Finances? You tell me! One book made me think of the other. A beautiful uniting of two books that are 40 years apart.

“Overcoming Underearning” by Barbara Stanny (2005) Amazon USA & Amazon Canada

AND “Yoga, Youth and Reincarnation” by Jess Stearn (1965) Amazon USA & Amazon Canada


Whose life are you living?

Whose life are you living?

Whose life are you living


This is a hot topic if you ask me. “Whose life are you living?” We seem to be influenced by others or society. Short discussion here on what I think about it.

In the podcast, I mention that I learned that we cut the invisible umbilical cord with our parents (mainly our mothers) when we are about 28 years old on average) That is when people start feeling more like adults and not needing permission from others when making decisions. I thought I learned this in University but Dr. Christiane Northrup’s name is popping into my mind right now as relevant here too.

It was neat talking about this topic as it also made me think of what I actually learned at University. One thing for sure was how to understand the questions you were being asked. Really taking the time to look at a question and make sure what was being asked was crystal clear and not what I thought the question was at quick glance.


Book Highlight – Order this book and then get involved in the series. You have a chance to receive an Ipad Mini if your chapter/character submission is accepted.

NY Times Best Selling Author Peggy McColl wrote the forward and has this to say ~ This is a fast paced novel for a reader looking for entertainment. Be prepared to fall in love with the characters and feel joy, suspense, sadness and excitement all in one sitting.”

See Being There Awakenings for details.


Seann Vinyasa-Billson

Jackie Collins – A psychic woman

Jackie Collins – A psychic woman

Jackie Collins – A psychic woman. A powerhouse writer who was appalled by the double standard and fought back with her novels.

May Jackie Collins be joyous in her adventures on the other side. I had heard she passed away in September 2015 and was reminded of her brilliance while watching a show we have in Canada called “Unscripted”. What a powerhouse! This woman exuded excitement and joy. Jackie was thrilled about her life and very passionate about her writing.

In the interview, she revealed that she was intuitive. (or you could call her psychic) she said. I am not surprised by this. With the kind of success she had, it makes sense she followed the divine guidance she was given. Important point here though – she followed the nudges to complete The World is Full of Married Men from her husband and then followed through by submitting it for publication. She had the intuition and nudge to write. She knew she was a writer and she wrote. I think she was sent a divine intervention by way of her husband to get her on track with her life purpose. Not only to write but to share it with the world.

What I love about Jackie Collins is her kick butt attitude about the double standard. She fought back against it with her stories. She wrote stories of women who were powerful in their own right and did not settle for the double standard.

Jackie gave some writing advice also.  WRITE. She would set herself up with a ritual and take away distractions. I like how she would write on a legal pad of paper with a fine point black pen. All of her books were written in long hand. I have heard the late Dr. Wayne Dyer speak of this too. He wrote in long hand.

I am writing my books in long hand because I can write freely and I keep going. It seems to me that this is also a better form of channelling what is coming to me. The ideas I have.

Mistakes do not slow me down, set me back or stop me. However, typing does. I type fast but I also correct myself as I go.

So check out the book that was banned in some countries when it was published in 1968. (the year I was born)

Blessings! Seann Vinyasa-Billson

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The World is Full of Married Men by Jackie Collins #doublestandard

Book Description: The World is Full of Married Men

Sex, lies, infidelity and consequences…

Only fools let a little thing like marriage get in the way of their careers…

Especially someone else’s.

David Cooper cheats on his wife. She doesn’t cheat — and that suits him fine. Until the young and beautiful Claudia appears and David wants out of his marriage. But Claudia has different ideas — different dreams: To be a model, an actress, a star. And she’ll do anything to make it. Just name a price…

THE WORLD IS FULL OF MARRIED MEN is a devastating exposure of the cutthroat media business — the phony promises and the very real power of the casting couch.