Dream the Answer ~ DREAM DIARY JOURNAL

Write down the divine intuition you receive.

It consists of 201 pages with a glossy cover. Mostly lined pages with some room for doodling.

Ideas for using this journal:

  • Pose a question to yourself, allow a daydream to arrive and then record it
  • Write down your goals and any thoughts / intuitions around that
  • Gather together your stickers and washi tapes and decorate as you go
  • A dream diary – write down your dreams and then your interpretation
  • Use some Stick-On Index Tab Dividers for each section you create.

Note: Makes a great gift!

Consider yourself journal ready with this handy size – 6 by 9″. Every third page has – Dream The Answer – at the bottom. It is a reminder and can be coloured in! 

Know you can ask and receive answers from your dreams and daydreams.

Remember – you are the best interpreter of your dreams. Often in journaling about our insights the messages become crystal clear!

This is the first journal in the bE jOURNAL rEADY series.