Spiritual Journeys with Gail Thackray

Spiritual Journeys with Gail Thackray

#LiveMoreChallenge Day 7

Day 7 has me at a coffee shop reading

(and YES – wearing lipstick!)

I am taking part in the Live More Challenge. (This is an evergreen sign up so check it out)It really makes you stop and do some nice things for yourself. What is really intriguing to me is reading the stories of other women on the same journey. Zip on over to sarahjenks.com and check out what she is doing to empower women and assist with weight loss. #LiveMoreChallenge

Day 7 has been a real treat for me. Right up my alley – so to speak.

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Normally on a Saturday morning, I will take some time for myself and venture out to a coffee shop to have what is called a CEO DATE. This nickname is courtesy of Rachael Cook of firedupandfocused.com She runs a challenge that increases productivity for entrepreneurs. The challenge is 21 days and it is one you don’t want to end! [Update Jan 29, 2018 – Rachael has a new challenge on her site now called Live More Challenge for 10 days]

Okay so back to today. I followed the challenge of taking myself out to a coffee shop and reading for 30 minutes. (or you could do more) I am reading Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journey’s. Awesome! It is difficult to put down and I managed to squeeze in another half an hour this afternoon after our (partial) family picnic at Kildonan Park in Winnipeg. It was only 3 out of 4 of us today for the family picnic. The oldest child is now an adult and working and cannot come on all the family outings anymore. Waaaaa….

Amazon     Amazon.ca

From the book description – “Experience miraculous healer, John of God, as seen through the eyes of medium Gail Thackray who sees, feels, and hears things that most “normal” people do not. Follow Gail on her personal journey to the spiritual healing center of John of God in Brazil. Experience miraculous healings, supernatural activity, and astonishing psychic events.” (Note: I can relate to Gail as I to see, feel and hear things too)

Here is a picture of The Witch’s Hut we visited at Kildonan Park.

Witch's Hut at Kildonan Park Winnipeg

Continuing on my journey of overhauling myself in all areas of my life…

Funny thing about words… I call this the Overhauling Seann Series as I grew up hearing my mother say she was going to go “Overhaul Darlene”. My son James started “flapping his gums” to his father when he returned home about how he was making a “racket”. Glen, my husband, thought it was odd that he was using the word racket. I didn’t even realize I had been telling James that he was “making a racket”. It was an automatic response about unnecessary noise. (a drum against a dessert tin) Totally unnecessary! lol 🙂

~ Seann Vinyasa-Billson

Smell the flowers

Smell the flowers

Day One #LiveMoreChallenge

Smell the flowers and affirm how amazing you are!

This is an interesting day – June 6, 2016. It started out with my 20 minute venture over to my Chiropractor. Yes, I am still plotting my “Overhaul” and have recently asked for outside help. On the way to the doctor’s,  I listened to Zach Spuckler’s Podcast as he was interviewing Jadah Sellner. She is the co-founder of simplegreensmoothies.com with Jen Hansard.

Excellent interview and so the roller coaster began. I went to check out Jadah Sellner’s website which led me to the Instagram page. From there I went to the website sarahjenks.com/challenge and low and behold there is a Live More Challenge that started today of all days. Guess what I did? Yes, I signed up. I love challenges.

What was interesting about this day is that on my way home from the doctor’s office, I stopped in for some groceries and decided that I deserved some flowers today. (and the rest of my family too) It was after that I went on my internet ride to the various sites mentioned above that I signed up for the #LiveMoreChallenge.

The very first challenge is to go buy yourself some flowers. Awesome! I was in the game 🙂

Now this is odd – Simple Green Smoothies on Instagram has a link to sarahjenks.com in their profile. I actually thought I was going to be going to the simplegreensmoothies.com website but perhaps they will reinstate their own link before July 1st. I say this because I manually went looking for it and found out the next 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge starts July first.

~ Seann Vinyasa-Billson

Improving my vision naturally – Part One

Improving my vision naturally – Part One


Who gave me the radical idea of ditching my glasses? The late Dr. David Hawkins from his book “Letting Go”. Within 6 weeks he had 20/20 vision. He had just been prescribed trifocals when he took off his glasses and let his eyes work for themselves.

Now if I had followed what he did exactly, I may have had more success with my left eye but I couldn’t stop the binge viewing on Netflix. The binge viewing happened on my phone because that is the only place I could see my shows clearly. My shows of choice at the moment are “Nashville” and “Suits”. I did watch some shows with my husband on the TV but they were blurry and I had to pull the chair closer. The exact thing you tell your children not to do because they will ruin their eyes.


The question has probably come up in your mind as to why only the left eye with this experiment? Well…I had an issue with Retinal Detachment back in 1991. I did not know my retina had detached. I thought the feeling of something being in my eye was from my contact lens. When I went to see my Optometrist, he was really upset with me and asked, “If you had a heart attack, would you go to Emergency?” In all honesty, I do not know. The reason being –  what if I didn’t recognize I was having a heart attack?

Moving on, my Optometrist sent me to the Emergency room which resulted in many doctors in training looking at my eyes because one of them didn’t react to the light quickly. I would imagine it was because the retina was detached and half my vision was gone by that time. It was like a diagonal black curtain had been pulled over half of my eye.

In this journey, I will continue to improve my health with vitamins and exercise and as I come across great information I will share it here.

How I wish I could say I improved my vision greatly. I did see some changes for the better though. As usual, I took my desire to my dream state and was shown that the Rapid Eye Technology would help. There have been a couple of times in my life that were “traumatic” (one could say) and those painful experiences gotta go. If they are completely released from my system, then I will be able to see better. The only one I recall seeing in the dream was about when I was left alone to be a single parent without any warning. Perhaps as I clear that one, whatever else is there will be shown to me.

Here is a demonstration I found on YouTube!


Seann Vinyasa-Billson

Overhauling Seann – The Hair has it!

Overhauling Seann – The Hair has it!

Avocado Hair Pic May 16 2015

Today’s Facebook Post on Dream The Answer :

Does anyone ever post a bad picture of themselves? I am starting an “Overhaul of Seann” as my mother would say. (In my hair is avocado, lemon juice and olive oil) Tonight I am starting a series of postings on my main site -dreamtheanswer – called “Overhauling Seann” and subheading (Such as EYESIGHT for example) These will be candid postings. In other words, what you see is what you get. – Authentically yours, Seann Vinyasa-Billson

I found the recipe to put in my hair via Pinterest. Here is the Pin on my Beauty and Fashion Board. It is one avocado, 1/4 cup of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. I must say my hair felt decidedly different. My daughter asked me if I had dyed my hair after all was said and done. My hair felt thicker. I shampooed it twice to make sure I removed it all and I put some conditioner on the ends because that is what I do.

One word of caution though. It stinks somewhat. I think the next time, I might add some lemon oil to it also.

Now I said I would be candid so here goes – My hair has been falling out a lot since January of this year. I have a colour stick to camouflage my troubles. It started when I added wheat, dairy and corn & caffeine back into my eating plan. hmmm…. I believe it slows down my metabolism and gives me bowel issues such as constipation one day and loose bowels the next. I heard recently that if you have troubles with your thyroid, then stop all wheat, dairy and corn.

When I did stop in December of 2014 (yes over the holidays), I lost 10 lbs and have managed to maintain that weight loss. However, I have 65 lbs more to go so I best go back to what was working. Monday it is! I say that because I want to have popcorn one last time and to have cream in my coffee tomorrow. This doesn’t mean I won’t ever have popcorn or cream in my coffee again…It is a lifestyle change for the most part.

Announcement! This “Overhaul of Seann Series” is about way more than hair. As mentioned above, I am gearing up for a radical natural cure for healing my eyesight. I have already started the process with intense antioxidants and wearing an old pair of glasses a few hours a day. My plan is to be able to switch to them by the end of next week. More about this process in a future post.

Happy Hair Day!

🙂 Seann Vinyasa-Billson, GYST

PS – GYST: Get your shit together