Whose life are you living?

Whose life are you living?

Whose life are you living


This is a hot topic if you ask me. “Whose life are you living?” We seem to be influenced by others or society. Short discussion here on what I think about it.

In the podcast, I mention that I learned that we cut the invisible umbilical cord with our parents (mainly our mothers) when we are about 28 years old on average) That is when people start feeling more like adults and not needing permission from others when making decisions. I thought I learned this in University but Dr. Christiane Northrup’s name is popping into my mind right now as relevant here too.

It was neat talking about this topic as it also made me think of what I actually learned at University. One thing for sure was how to understand the questions you were being asked. Really taking the time to look at a question and make sure what was being asked was crystal clear and not what I thought the question was at quick glance.


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Seann Vinyasa-Billson

Subjective Communication

Subjective Communication

How to influence others in a loving, helpful way for everyone concerned.

It is time to bring in the power of subjective communication.

First off, objective communication is talking to someone in real time – face to face. You find yourself  trying to get them to understand you and they are not. It is very frustrating as they do not seem to be listening either and you may as well be talking to a wall (:

Subjective Communication is when you communicate mind to mind only. There is no verbal exchange.


Now, here’s what you do:

  • You relax yourself and visualize the person you wish to communicate with in your mind. Choose a habit they have  such as drinking something, smoking, chewing their nails, playing with their hair etc..
  • Visualize yourself getting in behind them and whispering into one of their ears. (I always choose the left ear because it goes to the right side of their brain, which is more open/creative. The left side is analytical) The habit I will choose is drinking something.
  • Picture this – You are in behind them watching them bring the cup to their mouth. As soon as the liquid hits their tongue you whisper in their ear. They will get this communication. I’ve done this many times to help people quit smoking, love themselves more, get money that is owed to you etc…
  • What do you whisper in their ear? Something such as “I am open to understanding…” or “I love myself. My body is my temple.” If you desire a romantic relationship with a certain person, then say, “I am open to going on a date with _______.” (Fill in your name)

The most important thing is to remember it has to be for the highest good of everyone concerned.

When my employer in Japan owed me $4000.00 and I had come back to Canada already, I sent him double whammy messages because he smoked and drank lots of coffee.

My whispers to him were, “It makes me feel good to pay my bills.” and “I am open to paying my debts.” This way it included and benefited everyone he owed money too.  I received payments and within four months his debt to me was paid in full.

I’ve sent people messages like, “I love myself and I respect myself.” This is to help overcome an abusive situation or to quit smoking in which they are abusing themselves.

When you send someone loving messages it is a form of prayer – a spiritual connection. A person who does not love himself or herself enough and does not feel they are worthy will  be practicing self- sabotage. They may seem to turn around for a while but it really has to come from within. You are helping them because hopefully the positive loving thoughts you send them will assist in reprogramming the way they think.

After all, people act on what they think about all day long.

I wanted to show my brother Ryan how this works so one day I announced that I would help out a friend he worked with. I said I would help him quit smoking by whispering to him (mind to mind) for 5 days straight. Boldly I insisted that his friend would announce that he was quitting smoking and attempt to do so. (For how long one never knows) Ryan was beside himself in amazement. On the second day, he told me his friend had said he was quitting smoking and stopped. Unfortunately, he started again and I am not sure if he tried quitting again or not.

The best example that I know of to explain this way of communicating and how it really works is by an experience one of my Japanese friends had with this technique. I shall call her Naomi to protect her identity.  She was in her late 20’s and her parents had men coming to the door with resumes with the purpose of arranging a marriage.

Naomi was forced to go on dates with these men. In the meantime, her Korean boyfriend lived in the States as he was attending University. She could not seem to convince her parents that this was a serious relationship and she wanted to marry him.

One evening she came to my apartment and told me what was happening and asked if she could call her boyfriend from my home. She needed the privacy as she lived with her parents. After her phone call, I explained to her what I had  just learned about “subjective communication”. My parents had sent me the Silva Method cassette tapes by mail and I had only listened to them.  There had not been the time to put anything I learned to practice yet. I did not know if it would work but it was worth a try. Naomi thought so too!

I educated her the best I could of the do’s and do nots (as listed above)  so when she was home all  weekend  she did not mention her boyfriends name once. I will call him Kim as that is a popular Korean name. Naomi’s dad smoked and drank coffee so he was double whammied with her messages.

Naomi whispered subjectively in his ear, “I am open to meeting Kim.” (over and over again she sent the message for two days) She knew that if her father met him, he would love him as Kim was fluent in Japanese for starters.

Sure enough, on Monday morning as Naomi was leaving home to go to work, her dad called her in to the family room. He said he was open to meeting Kim and asked her to invite him to Japan to meet them as soon as possible. He flew over immediately and they were married one month later. I am happy to say this is giving me an incredible adrenaline rush retelling this true story! I also was invited to the wedding. It was a blast!!

~ Seann Vinyasa-Billson

Update: If you are wanting to learn about the Silva Method, Laura Silva Quesada offers TEN FREE meditations on her site. Laura is the daughter of Jose Silva (the founder of The Silva Method)  Note: There is no affiliation with her website. I am simply wanting to share what I know works really well 🙂

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