Taking a picture of my future

A significant dream:

I found myself in our new home. (This hasn’t happened yet)

It was an older home with an attic, old wood. Somewhat renovated. I was in the bathroom on the second floor and it was small with an old tub that has legs. (It was a replica of an old tub)

A small window. I can still see it. So… I thought I would take a pictures of this bathroom with my phone but the phone would not pick up the future I was in. It was so frustrating!

There is an upside to having astral dream experiences like this though. When it happens in real life, I will recognize the house we plan to purchase.

In this video, I invite you to have a psychic reading with me.

It is a way of taking a picture of your future. Often, the insights into your life are given to me in pictures. It is like playing charades. Then you and I have to interpret the download from spirit.

We all have insights. Our intuition is speaking to us all the time. But…if you are anything like me, you like to get someone else’s take. Preferably someone who is a lightworker and kind and true.

Right now, I am back on the board to offer a quick hit reading. Lots of helpful information can come through in a very short period of time. That is why I like to do audio readings. You get more!

Not only that but there is something happening that you may be unaware of. Drum roll…

I connect with my higher self and spirit guides and I call in my trusted Lollipop Angels (nicknamed) Then, I connect with your higher self and spirit guides and information is transferred.

How is this relevant?

You feel it! You feel the connection with that part of yourself that you may have been out of touch with for a time. It is a reboot.

PS ~ This is how meditation works. It connects you with Divine Wisdom and a higher part of yourself.

Here is the direct link to Book A Reading


Unpack Your Feelings

Titles just come to me and I have the Google Keep app that keeps track of these spiritual downloads. The one I grabbed from the list – Unpack Your Feelings –  fits what I want to say today. Typically this is how I speak to myself in a Dream Diary entry so I created a new category for this type of blog post.

Is it safe for me to express what an emotional effect the newest version of A STAR IS BORN had on me? The 1976 version is listed as one of my favourite movies alongside The Wizard of Oz. So… going into the Landmark theatre, landing in the comfy reclining seats and preparing myself for what I knew was coming had me on high emotional alert. I knew what I was in for.

Beautiful music, romance, addiction struggle, pain, loss. In other words, intense emotion. Was I going to allow myself to feel the emotions? That was the question posed to me from my younger brother Ryan.

Emotion. You don’t have a choice. The music sucks you in. The actors suck you in. You can’t help getting caught up in it.

I was struggling for the words to express how I was feeling after the movie and this was the text I sent to Ryan. (featured image & screenshot below) I have since described the feeling as “Tears in my ears”.

This movie allowed me to unpack my feelings. To bring back fond childhood memories when I saw the movie at the age of 8. That experience had me wanting to be like Barbra Streisand. To sing. To love deeply. To be a star at what I choose to do.

It was also the first time I was on the phone long distance with my Aunty Brenda who owned the record. She made me an 8 track tape and mailed it to me.

So not only did I get to talk on the phone long distance, I received a treasured package in the mail that I continued to listen to up to the age of 19 going on 20. I had an 8 track cassette player in the 1973 Gremlin I was driving at that age. My older brother Chad gave me that car. Most people had cassette players in their vehicles at that time. (1987/1988)


Barbra Streisand’s song “With One More Look At You/Watch Closely Now” begins with these lyrics:

With one more look at you 
I could learn to tame the clouds
And let the sun shine through


I have been singing this song to my children for years. My 8 year old son joins in now when I sing it and he has never heard Barbra sign it yet. I sent a link to the YouTube video to my daughter after she saw the 2018 – A Star is Born.

Since the day of seeing the movie on Saturday Oct 13th, 2018), I find myself watching the YouTube videos of the songs. I wake up in the night with the song “Shallow” playing in my mind.

The best part of this video is at the 1:46 mark to 1:49 where Lady Gaga’s character Ally takes the song up a few thousand notches and seeing Bradley Cooper’s character – Jackson’s reaction to it. Fills my heart up fast!

Are you going to allow this movie to unpack your feelings for you also? It is very therapeutic. If you have been stressed out about anything, it reaches inside you and releases it. Love it! Love it! Love it!

Thank you Bradley Cooper for making this movie. What an impact on the world you have made through your artistic expressions. And choosing Lady Gaga for the lead was a brilliant move. What a shining light!


~ Seann Vinyasa-Billson

Fascinated by Atlantis

My experience on how I astral travelled during a waking meditation.

[From: April 27, 2017] – I decided to do a meditation sitting up on the couch. My intention was to meditate myself into an astral travel experience. I didn’t want to listen to an mp3 and fall asleep. Before starting the process, I asked Divine Guidance for answers about better health and getting my projects completed and out there. Notice in the dream diary entry that follows – when I get connected to my higher self and start to astral travel, I changed gears about what I wanted to know quickly. LOL

This is what I wrote in my dream diary about the experience:

Somehow, calling in assistance, I found myself saying, “Please come through me and help me find the answers I am looking for.” (The answers I wanted were about – Guidance for health & for getting my projects completed and out there)

Suddenly I found myself hearing this woman’s voice from behind my head and she whooshed into me it seemed. This sound came out of me and I thought I was speaking out loud in a foreign language. It was weird. She picked a part of my essence up (I remained in a sitting position) and she told me I needed to be using the colours red and orange to help myself. I think it was more orange than red.

I had a distinct awareness that I could travel and I hoped no one called or texted because that would pull me back fully into my body. I asked to go to Atlantis. I did feel sick to my stomach in parts. Felt like we flew straight east and over the ocean. I could see red buildings or red roofs on the buildings as we left Canada. Finally landed and I saw a brick building, then a school yard with a clay structure. When I first landed, the wind seemed to have a blue colour. I stood up when we landed to look around. I had flown over the ocean in a sitting position.

Then it seemed to me as I looked around that it was way too much like what a “Spanish” area would look like now. I saw a flat roofed building with the word “Ford” on it. Not splashy and big like it is in North America. Then I saw the woman and she was fixated on something. Older with shorter blonde hair. Wondered if she was me in another existence or a higher part of me. I wondered if I had been an eccentric lady in Atlantis. I asked her why she hadn’t taken me to the real Atlantis from a long time ago. (Felt like 3000 years ago) and she said, “Because if you went there you wouldn’t want to come back.”

Then I found myself sitting in what looked to be a waiting room but 70’s style. There was a square window opening into another space across the room from me. I looked over at it and couldn’t believe my eyes. There were three people there who had passed away. One was Sonny Bono who said hi to me. Then my awareness turned back into a dream. I had finally fallen asleep and yes I was still sitting up on the couch.


My takeaway:

  • I asked the Divine to take me to Atlantis and I did not doubt my ability to do so
  • Why did I shift to wanting to know about Atlantis instead of better health and completing projects? However, this experience did help me finish re-mastering my fiction book –
    Bewitched by Atlantis: The Butterfly Mask
  • The orange and red colours are associated with the first two chakras. Perhaps it takes a combination of firing up these two chakras to astral travel.
  • This experience shows me that parts of Atlantis have risen again (The present day Canary Islands)
  • Next time I attempt this, I will be more specific and promise to return to my body. (If I am allowed to travel back in time to the original Atlantis)
  • And…next time I attempt this process, I will record myself so that if anything comes out of my mouth like last time, maybe I will be able to make sense of it.

Now the question remains…why have I not attempted to do this again? Because it rattled me. I asked for my higher self/spirit guides to come through me. And it happened. I have been doing safe meditations and self-hypnosis since then. Now it is time to do this again. There’s a whole world out there to explore.

~ Seann Vinyasa-Billson

Paranormal Fiction Writing

When writing about one of the main characters (Connie Stone) in Bewitched by Atlantis: The Butterfly Mask – an amazing idea flowed in. I had trouble containing my excitement as I wrote about it. Here it is!


Use these divination tools to assist you in planning your novel.

  • Use Oracle, Tarot or regular playing cards to create characters and scenes
  • Create card layouts (an example layout for each card placement – see diagram below)
  • Create character sheets to fill in
  • Shuffle the cards and choose according to your template(s)
  • Write down or record via audio/video what you have discovered
  • Repeat as many times as you like

Note: As you do this, more questions will arise that you will want answers to. For example, I may have chosen a card that shows me that my character has addiction issues. I then want to know the cause of the issue. The next card chosen reveals the core issue as abandonment.


Update: July 22, 2020 – Published in January 2020 – How to Write Fiction the Paranormal Way

This short-read eBook provides you with the tools to create unique fiction books quickly.

The Book Game Plan: How to Write Fiction the Paranormal Way

Delve into The Psychic Jump Meditation to get immediate guidance.

Set up your writing space. Have a ritual to signal that you are ready to write. I have a ritual for doing readings which is described in the Connect and Create chapter.


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