Taking a picture of my future

A significant dream: I found myself in our new home. (This hasn’t happened yet) It was an older home with an attic, old wood. Somewhat renovated. I was in the bathroom on the second floor

Dream The Answer Paperback Journal

Dream the Answer ~ DREAM DIARY JOURNAL Write down the divine intuition you receive. It consists of 201 pages with a glossy cover. Mostly lined pages with some room for doodling. Ideas for using this journal:

You are to write a book

Imagine standing in your kitchen and hearing, “You are to write a book. It is called ‘Dream the Answer’. There was no one in the room with me. The year was 2001. This was clearly

Unpack Your Feelings

Titles just come to me and I have the Google Keep app that keeps track of these spiritual downloads. The one I grabbed from the list – Unpack Your Feelings –  fits what I want

Fascinated by Atlantis

My experience on how I astral travelled during a waking meditation. [From: April 27, 2017] – I decided to do a meditation sitting up on the couch. My intention was to meditate myself into an

Paranormal Fiction Writing

When writing about one of the main characters (Connie Stone) in Bewitched by Atlantis: The Butterfly Mask – an amazing idea flowed in. I had trouble containing my excitement as I wrote about it. Here it is!

Cast a Spell Over Your Finances

How can you cast a spell on your Finances? You tell me! One book made me think of the other. A beautiful uniting of two books that are 40 years apart. “Overcoming Underearning” by Barbara Stanny (2005)

Spiritual Journeys with Gail Thackray

Day 7 has me at a coffee shop reading (and YES – wearing lipstick!) I am taking part in the Live More Challenge. (This is an evergreen sign up so check it out)It really makes you

Smell the flowers

Smell the flowers and affirm how amazing you are! This is an interesting day – June 6, 2016. It started out with my 20 minute venture over to my Chiropractor. Yes, I am still plotting

Whose life are you living?

  This is a hot topic if you ask me. “Whose life are you living?” We seem to be influenced by others or society. Short discussion here on what I think about it. In the

If you knew…what does that mean?

If you knew…what does that mean? Our experiences in life bring up questions to be answered. Why did I know that? What am I to do with that information? What does it all mean? In

Jackie Collins – A psychic woman

Jackie Collins – A psychic woman. A powerhouse writer who was appalled by the double standard and fought back with her novels. May Jackie Collins be joyous in her adventures on the other side. I


Interested in an Intuitive Reading? Testimonial by Petra Ortiz! Seann did a wonderful helpful reading for me recently… I read and re-read it to make sure that I don’t miss any opportunities that she mentioned

Improving my vision naturally – Part One

Who gave me the radical idea of ditching my glasses? The late Dr. David Hawkins from his book “Letting Go”. Within 6 weeks he had 20/20 vision. He had just been prescribed trifocals when he took

Overhauling Seann – The Hair has it!

Today’s Facebook Post on Dream The Answer : Does anyone ever post a bad picture of themselves? I am starting an “Overhaul of Seann” as my mother would say. (In my hair is avocado, lemon juice

Being In The Light With You

Titled the Podcast (as pictured above) after the song (below) I wrote many years ago. Turns out I would rather be writing so only did a few podcasts. To hear them – go here links

You can predict by doing this…

There is ONE THING I have learned that guides me in all my decisions involving other people. I wish I could remember how I learned this and from whom. Perhaps it was from experience. However, I really

Subjective Communication

How to influence others in a loving, helpful way for everyone concerned. It is time to bring in the power of subjective communication. First off, objective communication is talking to someone in real time –