Day One #LiveMoreChallenge

Smell the flowers and affirm how amazing you are!

This is an interesting day – June 6, 2016. It started out with my 20 minute venture over to my Chiropractor. Yes, I am still plotting my “Overhaul” and have recently asked for outside help. On the way to the doctor’s,  I listened to Zach Spuckler’s Podcast as he was interviewing Jadah Sellner. She is the co-founder of with Jen Hansard.

Excellent interview and so the roller coaster began. I went to check out Jadah Sellner’s website which led me to the Instagram page. From there I went to the website and low and behold there is a Live More Challenge that started today of all days. Guess what I did? Yes, I signed up. I love challenges.

What was interesting about this day is that on my way home from the doctor’s office, I stopped in for some groceries and decided that I deserved some flowers today. (and the rest of my family too) It was after that I went on my internet ride to the various sites mentioned above that I signed up for the #LiveMoreChallenge.

The very first challenge is to go buy yourself some flowers. Awesome! I was in the game 🙂

Now this is odd – Simple Green Smoothies on Instagram has a link to in their profile. I actually thought I was going to be going to the website but perhaps they will reinstate their own link before July 1st. I say this because I manually went looking for it and found out the next 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge starts July first.

~ Seann Vinyasa-Billson