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Welcome to this Angel Meditation to release your physical or mental health challenges.

This deep meditation experience is a form of guided meditation, with spoken suggestions for assisting you on your healing journey.

Make yourself comfortable, either lying down or sitting up with your feet flat on the floor. It is accompanied with a soothing sound of ocean waves from Japan.

In this guided meditation, you will let go of physical tensions in your body as well as relax your mind. I hope you enjoy meeting with an angel who has an eraser ready to help you wipe away your troubles 🙂

This guided meditation is suitable for repeated listening. Regular listening will help you relax even more. Be sure to record your impressions upon awakening.

Original vocals by Seann Vinyasa-Billson © 2020

Images via Pixabay.

Angel Eraser Meditation Music tracks credit: “Japan Tajima Island! Gravel Stones” by