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"Dreamtheanswer is a wonderful, very kind person. Reading was very interesting and the follow up with her exceptional. Thank you so much!!!"

What does a reading from me look like?

First off, I have my own oracle deck and they are called Bewitched by Atlantis Oracle Cards. (unavailable for purchase at this moment in time)

There are an assortment of readings now on the board. Ranging from using the pendulum for Yes or No questions, to a quick pdf reading to an amazing audio reading.

I say "amazing" because the audio readings I do are like playing a game of charades. I receive images from your higher self and spirit guides that you will understand. As I describe to you what I am seeing, hearing and feeling, thoughts will come to you (perhaps even memories) that are the clue. Sometimes it takes days or weeks or longer for the messages to fully be understood.

I find that doing readings by audio is a lot quicker. The impressions that I get just flow through me. However, the other methods are good too.

I hear, see, feel and I use a few cards in most of the psychic readings that I do. You'll get a lot of information in a very short period of time that will be helpful.

Namaste 🙂 Seann

Seann is an amazing seller and a wonderful person. I highly recommend her readings. She really took the time to answer all of my questions and personalize everything for me. Will definitely be returning to her in the future and you should too!!


She's AMAZING! goes out and beyond.. VERY Accurate! and I highly recommend her.. 100%

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