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Why is my website called “Dream The Answer”? 

Back in 2000 or 2001 (not remembering at this very moment), I had a very distinct clairaudient experience of being told I would write a book and it would be called Dream The Answer. Go see the few posts from this Dream The Answer (Memoir) on my book blog.

This is what I know – We can learn a lot about ourselves via our dreams. Our hopes and fears along with muddling over the days events. How about the biggie? When you dream something and it comes true! That is a pretty powerful feeling and it is pretty scary at the same time. I have had many such prophetic dreams happen to me. (even boring stuff like shopping in a grocery store)

Another example that is more exciting…

A gorgeous male actor appears in my dream and asks me to watch one of his movies and re-enacts a scene. Of course I had to rent it to see if it was true. Want to read this story? It’s on my book blog here.

If you have listened to my Podcast, you may be on my site looking for the Newsletter and Bonus Podcast. I have decided to create a “Reader’s Camp” instead of the Newsletter.

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Bonus Podcast introducing a technique I use called “Spin Your Story”. Learn how to access your intuition quickly. It is much like an actor doing an ‘Improv’ performance.



Dreams can be extremely helpful. I can speak of many instances of receiving guidance from my dreams. Actually, in 2009, I did a Dream The Answer Challenge which you can find on my YouTube channel here. Then I compiled it into a book for those who like to read. It is available on Amazon – Dream The Answer Challenge 2009

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Interesting book from a serious dreamer. ~ Review by Jennifer Lark

I’m fascinated by dreams and have bought books before in how to interpret them. But I love how this author’s book is different. She takes us through a whole month of dreams detailing exactly what happened each night. She starts by asking a question, then with exquisite detail explains what she dreamt that night, finally providing us a detailed interpretation.

I think this book would be good for anyone curious about what others dream and what it all means. I also think this book would be good for people looking for a practical way to use dream interpretation in their everyday lives. Namaste.